March 2022 - Speakers

Anthony Bradbury, Managing Director, Mycronic UK & Ireland

Anthony Bradbury is the Managing Director of Mycronic UK & Ireland and comes with 25 years of manufacturing experience.  Anthony is responsible for capitalising on Mycronics’s ever increasing portfolio of innovative solutions to help the SMT industry embrace the smart factory evolution.

Dr Liam Britnell, Application Manager , Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at the University of Manchester

Dr Liam Britnell is an Application Manager at The University of Manchester, where he leads the printed electronics team which collaborates with industry on developing processes for scale up and cost down of printed 2D material applications in wireless communication, electrochemical sensing and smart surfaces. He has been active in the graphene and 2D materials research world for over 12 years, with roles in both research at The University of Manchester and industry for several material technology start-up companies.

Dr Richard Chippendale, Technical Manager, COMSOL

Dr Richard Chippendale is a technical manager at COMSOL UK, specializing in electromagnetics simulations. He earned an Mphys and PhD from the University of Southampton, investigating the interaction of lightning strikes with carbon fiber composites. He was a research fellow at the University of Southampton, focusing on high-voltage cable simulations.

Matt Evans, Senior Product Engineer, Future Facilities

Matt graduated from University of Surrey in 2015 with a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and joined Future Facilities in 2016 as a Product Engineer for 6SigmaET. He has since been promoted to Senior Product Engineer. During Matt’s time at Future Facilities, 6SigmaET won Design Tools and Development Software Award at the 2018 Elektra Awards and Matt won Rising Star of the Year at the 2020 Elektra Awards for his work with 6SigmaET. Matt’s day-to-day role involves interacting with users of 6SigmaET globally to provide support and understand their thermal simulation needs to drive 6SigmaET forward.

Miguel Angel Ferrández, R&D Bilbao BIW Director – Material Joining Manager, Gestamp

Born in Aranda de Duero (Burgos, Spain) in 1974. Diploma in Mechanical Eng. by University of Zaragoza and Degree in Manufacturing Eng. by DIT Dublin, Ireland.

Joined Gestamp Automotive in 2006 as production supervisor in Zaragoza plant, GMA. In 2013 I moved to Japan to start R&D activities and since 2016 I took the position of BiW Director in the Tokyo Office focused in co-development activities. In 2019 I returned to Spain being assigned the direction of the R&D BiW Office in Bilbao and leading the Material Joining competence very focused in the new challenges towards Multimaterial joinability.

Mark Flaskett, Sales Director, Mycronic UK & Ireland

Mark Flaskett is the Sales Director for Mycronic UK & Ireland and comes with 25 years of dedicated SMT experience in the electronics manufacturing industry.  Mark has an excellent hands-on technical understanding of production engineering that he combines with his commercial expertise to meet challenges and offer value.

Andrew Fletcher, Director of Plastics & Rubber (Commercial & Technical), TR Fastenings Limited

Andrew Fletcher is the Director of Plastics and Rubber at Trifast plc – an international fastener specialist with 34 locations across the UK, Asia, Europe and the USA including 7 high volume manufacturing sites and 3 technical innovation centres. Before joining Trifast in February 2021, Andrew was Managing Director and Technical Director at Optimas Solutions, previously known as Heyco then Anixter. He spearheaded New Product Introductions, managing the entire process from initial inception through to final product launch. With more than 27 years in his field, Andrew is highly regarded with his deep knowledge of the industry.

Claudia Galdini, Industrial Segment Manager, HP Inc

Claudia Galdini is an Industrial and Management Engineer, graduated from University of Calabria. Her current position is Industrial Segment Manager, focused on defining, aligning and coordinating specific application areas of 3D printing and driving additive manufacturing adoption in robotics, automation and machinery space.

Bob Goss, Application Engineering, LOCTITE

After completing an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, I worked for nine years in the aircraft industry and then in 1985 I moved to Loctite UK (Henkel Ltd after 1997) as an Engineer in the Technical team and since then I have been responsible for giving advice on industrial adhesives to a wide range of engineering companies. I have presented papers at a number of Conferences and Exhibitions throughout Europe and UK/Ireland. My specialist adhesive area is small part bonding of engineering components.

Rebecca Mace-Hewett, Customer Service Manager, Mycronic UK & Ireland

Rebecca Mace-Hewett is the Customer Service Manager for Mycronic UK & Ireland.  Rebecca uses the best technology and a pioneering customer focus to ensure the best levels of responsiveness and support.

Ron Sangster, Managing Director, Advanced Witness Systems

Ron Sangster has 40 years’ experience in the torque measurement and calibration industries. Before setting up AWS Ltd 20 years ago, he worked for companies in the field, gaining them international recognition. He’s designed solutions to torque problems in numerous industries, including oil and gas, nuclear, defence, aerospace, medical, automotive, fastener, and accredited laboratories. He’s been the design consultant to NPL for the UK’s National Torque Calibration Machine, is chairman of two BSI torque technical committees, and a member of several others. He’s co-authored and presented torque standards papers at world IMEKO conferences, and in National Measurement and Quality seminars.

Peter Swanson, Managing Director, INTERTRONICS

Peter is Managing Director of Intertronics, a supplier of adhesives, coatings, sealants and equipment for manufacturing and technology applications. He founded the company in 1979 and has extensive experience in assisting manufacturers to achieve productivity enhancement and performance improvement through the selection of adhesive materials and equipment. Outside of the office, Peter is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management, mentoring small businesses to help them achieve growth.

Dr Mike Troughton, Technology Fellow - Plastics, TWI Ltd

Dr Mike Troughton has been carrying out research on plastics welding for 28 years. He is a Chartered Engineer and is currently Technology Fellow at TWI, where he is responsible for co-ordinating R&D, consultancy and training activities on plastics welding. He has managed over 120 research projects for clients all over the world and in many different industry sectors. He is the chairman of the BSI committee and ISO working group on plastics welding, and is the UK principal expert in various CEN, ASTM, ASME, AWS and IIW committees on plastics welding. He is also the author of the Handbook of Plastics Joining – A Practical Guide.

Andrew Wallace, Senior System Sales Executive, Cadence

With a First-Class Masters in Electronic Engineer from Bangor University, Wales (1993) Andy Wallace went on to design RF and microwave components for test equipment at Marconi Instruments, Stevenage, UK covering 10 MHz to 46 GHz.  From January 2001 he became the European Technical Applications Engineer (engineering consultant) for AWR covering EMEA for technical support, product development and training for RF & microwave EDA software “Microwave Office” moving to UK Country Manager in 2003. Acquisition by Cadence in 2020 found Andy as Senior Sales Account Executive, later moving in 2021 to Senior System Sales Executive covering all Cadence systems products

Glenn Wedgbrow, Business Development Manager, Micro-Epsilon Uk Ltd

With over 25 years experience in the engineering industry, specialising in precision sensor measurement technologies, Glenn has delivered measurement solutions including position, movement, temperature and colour inspection to all industries throughout the UK & Ireland.

With an in-depth knowledge and expertise in solving measurement applications on almost all materials with the use of innovative sensors and systems, Glenn has provided numerous solutions for leading multinationals, medium and small sized businesses, liaising with design engineers and UK manufacturers in a range of industries from metal, rubber and plastic to automotive and aerospace.