Impression Technologies

12 March 2020 11:30 - 12:10

Impression Technologies has been instrumental in developing HFQ® Technology, which is revolutionising the exploitation of aluminium. We provide the knowledge and expertise to support HFQ® technology, empowering you to transform your project according to your engineering needs, from concept to production. HFQ® Technology is a hot forming production method for stamping complex-shaped aluminium components from high and ultra-high strength alloys. HFQ® enables extremely complex aluminium parts to be formed in a single press operation, whilst achieving high levels of strength in the finished part using standard grades of aluminium.

1. Aluminium is even more extraordinary than you thought- it can make high strength pressed parts
2. HFQ- what is it and how it provides greater freedom for designers
3. HFQ provides OEMs with what they need for the challenges ahead
4. HFQ can unlock even more recyclability for aluminium
5. HFQ is available for high volume manufacture

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