Tuesday 19 October 2021 | Coventry Building Society Arena | Coventry

TR Fastening

12 March 2020 13:30 - 14:10

Collaborative experts can reduce overall design and development as well as production and quality costs over the lifetime of the product. Involvement of fastener engineers at the design stages can increase assembly efficiencies, reduce product complexity and weight, leading to a lower cost product while reducing the risk of quality issues and the requirements for in-production modifications.

With practical examples of VAVE solutions, including licenced features, special coatings or process changes, from fastener experts active in a wide range of technologies, enabling optimised product design.


1. How less is often more in design
2. The cost of fasteners isn’t limited to the piece price
3. The advantages of considering the right fastening process
4. The impact of volume on methods and best suitable solutions
5. What to expect from a fastener supplier

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