Tuesday 19 October 2021 | Coventry Building Society Arena | Coventry

Advanced Witness Systems

12 March 2020 12:30 - 13:10

With the requirements for modern quality control and traceability through recent international torque standard, particularly with manually operated torque tools, comes the need to understand them. Recent ISO standards such as ISO6789:2017 requires more demanding calibration methods, machinery and software. This has increased costs,
particularly for accreditation laboratories, and consequently for their customers. This session attempts to highlight the major elements of the standard, some of the issues that have arisen, and solutions that are available.

1. Understanding the scope of the ISO6789:2017 standard and the definition of its 2 parts
2. Classes and differences of the types of tools
3. Explanation of the Errors and Uncertainties
4. The requirements in Calibration
5. How to read the calibration certificate

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Ron Sangster, Managing Director, Advanced Witness Systems

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