New guide to core Loctite product range

Source: FAST

21 March 2022

The newly re-designed Loctite product catalogue consolidates in a single publication, the most popular products across the Loctite core technologies’ range.

It also includes selected Teroson products whose distinctive characteristics have proven benefits for industrial engineering applications, Henkel says. The publication addresses the lion’s share of typical issues that engineers will face in product design, assembly, maintenance and repair.

This easy-to-use guide offers quick reference via the product category. The early sections include thread locking and sealing, gasketing, retaining, structural and instant bonding, light cure and flexible adhesives. It then continues to provide a comprehensive overview of the key products used for wear protection, rebuilding, lubrication and specialist maintenance.

Every category leads with the identification of common application problems and how Loctite and Teroson provides an effective solution. The most popular products are highlighted but details are provided of the wider range and associated equipment as well as a link to full product listings. A case study at the end of each section exemplifies how a typical customer is benefiting from the technology. Download the European Product Brochure HERE

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