Thursday 9 September 2021 | British Motor Museum | Gaydon

FAST Live Exhibitor Makes Light of LED Changes

When FAST Live exhibitor Techsil was approached by one of its customers seeking an adhesive to use in the manufacture of LED luminaires, the Warwickshire-based bonding experts recommended its thermally conductive RTV10884G. This popular adhesive doesn’t just provide a strong bond: it also helps dissipate heat away from sensitive electronics, and in this case, it also met an additional requirement for a heat transfer compound to dissipate heat away from the LED boards to the heat sink.

RTV1084G is a ready-to-use one-part grey silicone rubber adhesive which is fast skinning and cures to a 67 Shore A tough rubber with low linear shrinkage. It also exhibits excellent primerless adhesion to many substrates.  In this case, RTV1084G was used to attach LEDs to the board, which are hand placed and the adhesive holds the LEDs securely in place so that they can be soldered with ease. The silicon has a thermal conductivity of 2.3 W/mK, and thus acts as a conductor between the LEDs and the circuit board. Visitors to the FAST Live event can see and discuss this bonding solution and many others from the Techsil range at FAST Live.


FAST Live is the UK’s only dedicated fastening, joining and assembly focused exhibition, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet and talk with some of the most experienced fastening, bonding and assembly application specialists. 

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