Towards Certification by Analysis – the potential role of Digital Twinning in regulatory frameworks

21 March 2024 12:30 - 13:10

Accelerating the time to market of new sustainable products at reduce cost is critical to maintaining competitive advantage and meeting net zero targets. Digitalisation is being promoted as a catalyst for transformation to realise this challenge. What role could digital twins play in accelerating pathways to product certification and optimising through life decisions? The session will explore regulatory frameworks and current state of “certification by analysis” across multiple sectors and propose how modelling and simulation landscape and AI in the context of trust and uncertainty during design phases of product development can be used to set the foundation for dynamic through life certification opportunities.


1. Through Life Twinning as a concept
2. Regulatory frameworks and standardisation
3. Modelling and Simulation and AI acting together to build trust
4. Designing for Through life value
5. Digital passports in context of Product Design and model based engineering

Marc Funnell, Head of Digital Engineering Capability, National Composites Centre