Automation in Precision Fluid Dispensing

23 March 2023 12:30 - 13:10

This presentation will provide an overview of typical fluid dispensing applications and current market perception when automation is discussed for fluid dispensing applications. We will then discuss various factors and situations in which automation can or cannot be considered. Next, we will introduce Nordson EFD products that are ideal for automation and discuss the level of automation they offer. Finally, we will offer an introduction to NX-enabled fluid dispensing technologies, which offer an enhanced level of integration with automation and capability around not just traditional automation with a PLC, but also IT network automation for remote management.


1. Types of fluid dispensing applications
2. Perception of automation in relation to precision fluid dispensing
3. Factors to consider whilst evaluating fluid dispensing applications for automation
4. Nordson EFD’s automation-ready technology
5. New products including UltimusPlus dispensers with NX and 797PCP progressive cavity pump systems with NX